some of these outfits sucked. but i tried my best. LOL


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  • 7:20

    Lexi PanLexi Pan7 timer siden
  • Omg, I just, I love u so much

    Sofía MendozaSofía Mendoza2 dager siden

    Camila DFCamila DF5 dager siden
  • is it a fit or is she just skinny

    rantamplanrantamplan6 dager siden
    • skinnyyyy

      maliah acmaliah acDag siden
  • Could you do another video like this but for fall and winter plz💗

    Angers MaudeAngers Maude6 dager siden
  • You have the best style. ♥️

    Seidenschnabel FederflügelSeidenschnabel Federflügel11 dager siden
  • The last outfit was bomb. Like it couldn’t have been a better finale for this video ahahaha

    Belén AranciviaBelén Arancivia12 dager siden
  • has emma lost weight??

    pennylane90pennylane9014 dager siden

    Liv GucciaLiv Guccia14 dager siden
  • im like this isn't that bad but it gets worse

    Ella KnowlesElla Knowles14 dager siden
  • that ending though... just.... ._.) that's how to end a day...

    Loch DestroLoch Destro17 dager siden
  • Can you do a mean girls outfit, I think that would really suit you and your hair

    kasielkasiel17 dager siden

    daddie hawkiedaddie hawkie22 dager siden

    MsBognerMsBogner25 dager siden
  • The last outfit is my fave! 😍😂 Tbh Emma could wear anything and pull it off. Only thing that bothers me are the sunglasses. I don't know, but their shape is kinda ugly. The color is not!

    LePikachuLePikachu27 dager siden
  • Declan is quarantine depressed, that's why he's sitting so weird! 😿😹

    LePikachuLePikachu27 dager siden
  • i liked this video because of Declan sitting like that

    Kathleen LKathleen L28 dager siden
  • She kinda looks like a young hailey bieber to me

    Priyanka BadlaniPriyanka BadlaniMåned siden
  • 6:08 😭😭😭😭

    AlishaAlishaMåned siden
  • 4:36 okay that outfit is fucking gorgeous

    AlishaAlishaMåned siden
  • No one: Emma in the middle of an outfit idea video: Would I be a cute mom?

    Harika malladiHarika malladiMåned siden
  • we all gonna ignore the fact this LITERALLY took emma a day to make

    Daisy CrockfordDaisy CrockfordMåned siden
  • Third Fit is giving very much MmMmMmM Stuart Little and it's great LOL

    Nami AndersNami AndersMåned siden
  • I really hope emma is going to film a reaction to this at the end of 2021 or maybe sooner and tell us which of the fits she actually wore and which of them she ended up hating

    llMåned siden
  • shes so pretty omg i love the pastel pink sweatpants she wore in the beginning on herrrr my favorite outfits are probably 2:52, 6:54, 10:55 and 13:37

    Ruby RubiaRuby RubiaMåned siden
  • EMMA Emma emma HEAR ME OUT: she is the BLUEPRINT FOR VSCO GIRL. she invented the use of carmex, scrunchies, and "quirky". she is a FASHION ICON and so unique that millions of people base their clothing off of HER

    Alexis LinAlexis LinMåned siden
  • she genuinely pulls off every hair color

    Alexis LinAlexis LinMåned siden
  • I LOVE every each of them

    邱舒毓邱舒毓Måned siden
  • The 3rd outfit reminds me of caillou lmao

    Taytum HudsonTaytum HudsonMåned siden
  • heyyy

    Lana KurdiLana KurdiMåned siden
  • she do be looking very much different than now (june 2021)

    louezlouezMåned siden
  • video title: 21 outfit ideas me: 21? you stupid! please tell me you understand the joke 🙏

    Raida FarhanRaida FarhanMåned siden
  • 3:58 i love you emma and im sorry for this but the second i saw this outfit i thought of caillou

    Raida FarhanRaida FarhanMåned siden
  • Nobody: Everyone : I love Emma 💖

    Marguerite HetheringtonMarguerite HetheringtonMåned siden
  • 1:01 lmao the way the cat ran

    Siri D.Siri D.Måned siden
  • You actually look so amazing (≧▽≦)🍈🌸!!!!! I know it's bad to have self-depricating thoughts, but I've always thought that "wow, I could never pull that off", but since I'm working on recovering from a binge-eating disorder, I can't wait to refer to this video, wish me luck

    선우유 🥛선우유 🥛Måned siden
  • 7:55 thus white head band😩😩 where did u get it!???

    walor_kalafior makłowicz's wifewalor_kalafior makłowicz's wifeMåned siden
  • 10:02 11:01 11:39 12:48 13:58 9:33 9:03 7:47

    Zara aZara aMåned siden
  • Yes you’re so cute in overalls with a cap !

    Shin NunchethShin NunchethMåned siden
  • Hello 🌸🌼

    Cetin ÖzdenCetin Özden2 måneder siden

    lexilexi2 måneder siden
  • omg thanks god u here

    Marina VHMarina VH2 måneder siden
  • 4 months later- she only wants to wear blue jeans and white tanks this summer

    chalysechalyse2 måneder siden
  • I dont understand why all comments are so strange i love the most of the outfits....

    Марципановый странникМарципановый странник2 måneder siden

    Raghad SaidRaghad Said2 måneder siden
  • I hate the blonde hair

    Luke LondLuke Lond2 måneder siden
  • Ur style is the best style in the world

    sassysassy2 måneder siden
  • dood when she says she doesnt look good im like.... boiiiiii what does that make me then huh?

    Eliana DamsgardEliana Damsgard2 måneder siden

    ChloeChloe2 måneder siden
  • 10.23 I never paid this amount of keen attention to Emma's bg ever , the sun beam in the bg has a shadow of someone moving , I only started paying this much attention when I learnt about her new bf .

    Sharvari BhatkarSharvari Bhatkar2 måneder siden
  • "You live once, choose the cheetah print bag. This is going to make grandparents across the world LIVID" lmao

    Haley McGrathHaley McGrath2 måneder siden
  • I named the outfits :D : 1. Ofc peepee poopoo 2. The sus giftshop 3. McDonalds 4. 80s rockstar 5. The grandpa with Lv 6. The monster high doll 7. No 8.the golf mom 9. Yessssss 10. The opposite minion 11. Scarlet witch no? 12. The snowboarder 13.peepee poopoo 2.0 I think I forgot one but yeah I gave up so yeaaah

    Klooiaccountvansien BlablablablaKlooiaccountvansien Blablablabla2 måneder siden
  • not me rewatching emma instead of doing my school work

    aryanna stararyanna star2 måneder siden
  • My favorite ever 15:27 Like forever lmaooo

    Elizabeth LeonElizabeth Leon3 måneder siden
  • your cat at the end, omg😂😻

    kristy. laikristy. lai3 måneder siden
  • Outfit #14 is giving me Willy Wonka x bee movie vibes

    Issy MatherIssy Mather3 måneder siden
  • 6:58 double Emmas

    kainokaino3 måneder siden
  • 🤣 I can’t lie. I might not like your fashion sense, but I respect it! On you it works! On me? Uh....hell no!😂 I do love you! You honestly make me laugh....hard.

    Gigi soglamorousipeeglitterGigi soglamorousipeeglitter3 måneder siden
  • 3:20 3:55 4:30

    purrrpurrr3 måneder siden
  • outfit 14, 15 and 16 were the best. Admit it.

    Ananya LohanAnanya Lohan3 måneder siden
  • You can always make my shitty day better

    MaestroMaestro3 måneder siden
  • I was literally watching her old videos and I see how much she’s evolved and glew TF up!!✨ go emmaaaa

    Ila TurnerIla Turner3 måneder siden
  • Somebody pls tell me where her pink and blue jacket is from

    Alyssa DanaAlyssa Dana3 måneder siden
  • Bruhhhhh!! THE OVERALLS! Best outfit

    AshleeAshlee3 måneder siden
  • i love 16 and 20 😩

    stunzeedstunzeed3 måneder siden
  • Anyone notice the fact that she always mention that she is not sheived? Jajajaj I love her

    Isabel MontanariIsabel Montanari3 måneder siden
  • these r my favorite outfits she's ever done, im so proud of her, her style has developed sm >3

    IdaIda3 måneder siden
    • Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets28 dager siden
  • the louis vuitton bag uhh so relatable

    JustMeGinaJustMeGina3 måneder siden
  • im commenting on every video youve made

    im a gangsterim a gangster3 måneder siden
  • 10:53 is my fave

    Nicole DonaireNicole Donaire3 måneder siden
  • i love u

    Lauren McDermottLauren McDermott3 måneder siden
  • I’m from Turkey and right now it’s 2.00 am and I literally died when I saw the cat sitting like that..It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen...

    Eylül EsinEylül Esin3 måneder siden
  • love yu

    Hana SakáčováHana Sakáčová3 måneder siden
  • 4:57 Leonardo DiCaprio vibes

    Bubbleglam _Bubbleglam _3 måneder siden
  • 13:01 what shoes are these

    Miami BeachMiami Beach3 måneder siden
  • 3:49 you look like a mom :)

    Lea VacaLea Vaca3 måneder siden

    yep yepyep yep3 måneder siden
  • emma i hated everything and let me tell you i am iN LOVE WITH YOU.

    Alessandra Oliveira SouzaAlessandra Oliveira Souza3 måneder siden
  • blackpink in ya area- 3:18

    Amy WAmy W3 måneder siden
    • Period

      K IK I3 måneder siden
  • the third outfit reminds me of ash lynx

    Gina LeopoldGina Leopold3 måneder siden
  • Emma i love u 😭 💓

    MajdMajd3 måneder siden
  • Cardi B strike

    Geraldine LloviaGeraldine Llovia3 måneder siden
  • Am i the only one that genuinely liked these

    sarah boyersarah boyer3 måneder siden
  • Okay, but that first outfit BANGS!!!!

    Emely MarteEmely Marte3 måneder siden
  • emmas energy is just insane, thanks emma 😌

    alissya anne lloydalissya anne lloyd3 måneder siden
  • When she dances, it’s SO cute. Like SO cute.

    Tamron B.Tamron B.3 måneder siden
  • Who else just loves her voice

    Enu JailEnu Jail3 måneder siden

    Jayda CassanovaJayda Cassanova3 måneder siden
  • I loveeee the flannel and coral pants outfit the most

    Kathleen TorrezKathleen Torrez3 måneder siden
  • where do you get affordable clothesss

    mars imerlishvilimars imerlishvili4 måneder siden
    • Ik I’m not Emma but she goes to thrift stores in L.A a lot 😁😁

      K IK I3 måneder siden
  • anyone else think she looks like emma roberts here?

    Natasha MetiorNatasha Metior4 måneder siden
  • Обичам да сера

    Христяна КалеваХристяна Калева4 måneder siden
  • Vans have been back!

    anniedearanniedear4 måneder siden
  • where are the brown flare pants from 💕💕💕

    Jenny LinJenny Lin4 måneder siden
  • No one: Literally no one: Emma: To ThE BeAcH At NiGhT On A SuMmER NiGhT

    EgGzEgGz4 måneder siden
  • you should make a video where you recreate mean girls outfits and rate them

    Faith SmithFaith Smith4 måneder siden
  • I love how your cats just look at you when you swear all over the place lol

    Molly BergqvistMolly Bergqvist4 måneder siden
  • i feel like the shaun white outfit can have many takes on it with the shoes like u can change the shoes to converse, docs, vans and they will all make the fit have a different vibe

    Isabel ComboIsabel Combo4 måneder siden
  • #15 is fire ily queen

    sarahveronicawyattsarahveronicawyatt4 måneder siden
  • I cant be the only one who loves some of the outfits , but I am not confident enough

    Madyson CecilMadyson Cecil4 måneder siden