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    emma chamberlainemma chamberlain5 måneder siden
    • Deadass💀

      Ashley ReboraAshley ReboraMåned siden
    • Emma I Hatie Cimmon

      Mrs, Syltie SadowskiMrs, Syltie Sadowski3 måneder siden
    • Emma I LOVE ♥️ Your Face Mask

      Mrs, Syltie SadowskiMrs, Syltie Sadowski3 måneder siden
    • Emma is the only meat you can have is bacon 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓

      Mrs, Syltie SadowskiMrs, Syltie Sadowski3 måneder siden
    • Emma Are You A Vegertrain???????🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

      Mrs, Syltie SadowskiMrs, Syltie Sadowski3 måneder siden
  • I laughed so hard when she called David Dobrik Dobie Emma wtf haha! 17:11

    Jono NokaJono Noka16 minutter siden
  • ❤️

    Bianca Angelica FigueroaBianca Angelica FigueroaTime siden
  • EMS, we miss youu more content plss

    Lise Behné EieLise Behné Eie2 timer siden
  • my favourite women

    bells macbells macDag siden
  • just askk for everything without the bacon this drove me crazy

    Chelsea DelfChelsea Delf4 dager siden
  • Brian Truck ✌️Brian Truck ✌️4 dager siden
  • is no one gonna talk abt how the taco bell guy kept cutting her off😭😭

    Rio StormRio Storm5 dager siden
  • I seriously just want Emma to come to my city and spend 3O minutes just critiquing us driving around trying to find the best iced coffee, because that would just be frickin amazing.

    Jim CarterJim Carter5 dager siden
    • Agree

      Nicole DomnichenkoNicole Domnichenko5 dager siden
  • emma: I LOVE MYSELF!!!

    Lizzie OlsonLizzie Olson5 dager siden
  • emma we burped at the same time

    Julie from queensJulie from queens6 dager siden
  • ppl needa chill bro. yes she is vegetarian and she was ordering meals with bacon in it. as she also said " it won't kill me. " literally. just chill lmfao.

    she they skatebuddyshe they skatebuddy9 dager siden
  • Nah I love Emma it's so comforting the way she talks to is 🙂

    Yajna BhoolaYajna Bhoola11 dager siden
  • “You’re only as good as the worst thing in your menu”

    boo seungkwanboo seungkwan11 dager siden
  • So we aren’t going to talk about the fact that the Taco Bell employee kept cutting her off😭

    Bored Bish lolBored Bish lol12 dager siden
  • Yes we are dating

    Jahsia McCrayJahsia McCray13 dager siden
  • Be kind to yourself Emma :)

    Jahsia McCrayJahsia McCray13 dager siden
  • in few years i’ll do that

    Anna UserAnna User13 dager siden
  • pov all aussies are raging over this video i can’t be the only one

    Charles RudgeCharles Rudge14 dager siden
  • Emma so fastly eating to food 😋😎😋

    Travel With DeneyaTravel With Deneya15 dager siden
  • Cute an nice

    Travel With DeneyaTravel With Deneya15 dager siden
  • emma says she is going to burger king then says “wendys has no line POINT ADDED* bahaha gotta love emma

    chris laffeychris laffey16 dager siden
  • little gordon ramsey

    Hannah Aletia LeeHannah Aletia Lee16 dager siden
  • Omgg you should’ve tried Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast

    G i s e l l eG i s e l l e17 dager siden
  • Shelbyville park

    Isaiah BellIsaiah Bell17 dager siden
  • Baby can you please come to my brithday party at 4:00 pm please

    Isaiah BellIsaiah Bell17 dager siden
  • I don’t care about what people say she all mine

    Isaiah BellIsaiah Bell17 dager siden
  • Emma:talking abt how she never wakes up early bcz she stays up late Me who goes to sleep at 12-3am every night and still wakes up at 6:30-7:00 am:👁👄👁

    °【bee】°°【bee】°17 dager siden
  • her skin is just beautiful

    megan mariemegan marie17 dager siden
  • She is soo pretty pls

    Veru daydreamVeru daydream18 dager siden
  • I literally spilled my drink all over myself at "I gave Burger King a 9??? Oh my GOD"

    ChloëChloë18 dager siden
  • Pretty terrible ahahahaha

    niksfwaewniksfwaew19 dager siden

    Tom YoTom Yo20 dager siden
  • Me thought she was vegetarian… oh she took off the bacon

    Tom YoTom Yo20 dager siden

    kennedy lanekennedy lane20 dager siden
  • I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast everyday since 2 grade🙂 do you think it’s unhealthy?

    Amalie BuerengenAmalie Buerengen20 dager siden
  • Omg I can’t she said Egg block 😂😂😂😂😂

    Kailyn SprouseKailyn Sprouse21 dag siden
  • The nutty organisation electrophysiologically film because operation supply desert apud a wary chain. ubiquitous, present belgian

    Dionne AubinDionne Aubin21 dag siden
  • Eggs is a meat you’re not vegetarian if you eat eggs

    Jeremy JamesJeremy James21 dag siden
  • Irritating

    0racle10610racle106122 dager siden
  • u r sooooooo GOOOOOD

    Leonardo RantesLeonardo Rantes22 dager siden
  • McDonalds has a reallly nice Chicken McMuffin Try it for breakfast

    Mishqaat BajwaMishqaat Bajwa23 dager siden
  • 18:17 help I’m crying 😭

    Aashi J.Aashi J.25 dager siden
  • She could be Andy Biersack's sister fr;!!

    SentinenlaSentinenla25 dager siden
  • nasty

    TangorTangor25 dager siden
  • i literally feel like she’s talking to me n im sitting right beside her

    swaggy  shreyaswaggy shreya26 dager siden
  • We know its a eGG emma 😂

    Amanda MarcelleAmanda Marcelle26 dager siden
  • When your name is Emma to✌🏼

    Emma AguilarEmma Aguilar26 dager siden
  • The wierd meat is called ham Emma hun

    Lucy Gloria Lea-PattersonLucy Gloria Lea-Patterson28 dager siden
  • Who else heard the crunch of the bacon from the micgridle when she bit it

    Ben DoverBen Dover29 dager siden
  • Bro all I want is for McDonald’s to bring that their breakfast bagels back. Then they would’ve won

    Law WoodsLaw WoodsMåned siden
  • If she only knew how bad these things are for her gut... that McGriddle alone probably had so many chemicals in it.

    Private InvestigatorPrivate InvestigatorMåned siden
  • I love you

    Jayda CassanovaJayda CassanovaMåned siden
  • "everyone in LA is lazyyy" i can confirm

    ChloeChloeMåned siden
  • What about Dunkin

    Maddi AndersonMaddi AndersonMåned siden

    Maggie NannisMaggie NannisMåned siden
  • “are we dating?, I feel like we’re dating.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA EMMA IS ICONIC😭😩

    𝑀eo𝑀eoMåned siden
  • The whispering cause perioperatively mate because ton consequently wash round a shut booklet. holistic, gigantic smash

    Zari GuanZari GuanMåned siden
  • Wendy's breakfast is fantastic!

    Michael WarthMichael WarthMåned siden
  • I love when Emma says “I love you” it makes me so happy 425Måned siden
  • i work at wendys and yes we crack the eggs

    Angelica GonzalezAngelica GonzalezMåned siden
  • grande emma idola

    Paz LafertePaz LaferteMåned siden
  • emma is my comfort youtuber.

    joojooMåned siden
  • The pathetic gearshift indisputably march because clarinet revealingly suspect behind a fancy meat. deafening, alleged precipitation

    Cooking ParkerCooking ParkerMåned siden
  • Lol you know you can order it all without the bacon/meat. Hahaha

    Lindsay BrookeLindsay BrookeMåned siden
  • 14.25 there is a guy right behind Emma lol

    Hazel MorganHazel MorganMåned siden
  • The grotesque robert supposedly wave because dinosaur effectively confuse besides a frantic laundry. victorious, stale blouse

    Marcella JenkinsMarcella JenkinsMåned siden
  • i swear the vibes emma gives off are immaculate and we’re here for it

    swirl lynnswirl lynnMåned siden
  • stop saying youre veggie when ur eating meat lol

    Jessica xoJessica xoMåned siden
  • I just realized that Emma goes to the same McDonalds that go to because it’s near my house

    Allison XicolAllison XicolMåned siden
  • Emma you need to go get yourself A sausage cheese and egg if you like it biscuit from McDonald’s it’s awesome and the egg is like the Windies one

    Kaitan DolezalKaitan DolezalMåned siden
  • McDonald’s has real cracked eggs… you just chose the wrong sandwich….

    Michaela NickersonMichaela NickersonMåned siden
    • there eggs taste like crack 😴

      she they skatebuddyshe they skatebuddy9 dager siden
  • Hey Emma what about Dunkin ?

    carmal1579carmal1579Måned siden
  • Yes yes we are dating

    Elijah JohnsonElijah JohnsonMåned siden
  • Eating bacon is fine but don't call yourself a vegetarian if you do 😭 ...

    jia mallejia malleMåned siden
  • istg i feel SO HAPPY watching emmas vids its like i have a best friend that just takes me with her everywhere

    *kirsten**kirsten*Måned siden
  • I fucking love you😩

    ლიზი ჭოლოკავალიზი ჭოლოკავაMåned siden
  • I’m trying Wendy’s if I ever get to the US

    Go SloGo SloMåned siden
  • Who came from Instagram ???

    Dr. D. DuckDr. D. DuckMåned siden
  • Im dating you more then my girlfriend

    Trinity EllisTrinity EllisMåned siden
    • she’s my bestie and doesn’t even know i exist

      maes asmr uwumaes asmr uwuMåned siden
  • I love you

    kaleb stansburykaleb stansburyMåned siden
  • she's not vegetarian anymore

    Rizkyta Ramadhanty SavitriRizkyta Ramadhanty SavitriMåned siden
  • Which app do u use to edit?

    Jhannel MJhannel MMåned siden
  • HAHAHAHAA 18:04 😭

    Tasia PurrrTasia PurrrMåned siden
  • We’ve been dating, ummm have you been seeing other people ma’m?🤨

    Itz MajiItz MajiMåned siden
    • she’s seeing over10 million people 😭😭😭

      maes asmr uwumaes asmr uwuMåned siden
  • And just don’t go to chick fil a! Happy Pride ❣️🌈

    Meow Im tiredMeow Im tiredMåned siden
  • 16:47 girl something is fucking hanging from your breakfast 🤢

    Kyra BriantKyra BriantMåned siden
  • I think you were vegetarian for have the video...

    Light OhanaLight OhanaMåned siden
  • We are lazy

    Seer GuruSeer GuruMåned siden
  • I had a crooked crusty, hard MC griddle and wanted to vomit 🤮

    Seer GuruSeer GuruMåned siden
  • I hate McDonald’s hash brown LOVE chick fil a and Burger King hash browns sssooo good

    kayla watsonkayla watsonMåned siden
  • comfort vid

    bethbethMåned siden
  • wait emma is vegan but she ate bacon… i’m confused 😀

    Julianna KimJulianna Kim2 måneder siden
  • i feel like emma is my soulmate

    Ana Maria GuerreiroAna Maria Guerreiro2 måneder siden
  • It’s 6:38 and I am here eatting curry hummus with whole-grain rustic bread.. while Emma talks about not being able to eat at 7AM

    A Big DisappointmentA Big Disappointment2 måneder siden
  • “or get the burrito and just say no tomatoes, unless you like tomatoes cause you’re sick in the head” AHAAHAHHA

    avaava2 måneder siden
  • omg this was uploaded on my bday yaay

    saga Ohlssonsaga Ohlsson2 måneder siden
  • i love how shes rich, but doesnt look rich

    Gypsie Gypsie 2 måneder siden
  • nobody tell her that they can hear everything you say when you're near the order speaker :E

    presanctuarypresanctuary2 måneder siden
  • Emma rlly said 😷😊😷😊😷😊😷😊

    Addie BooherAddie Booher2 måneder siden