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  • ok but i still eat my pizza like that

    Jasmine MageeJasmine MageeDag siden
  • I have family in LA, but Emma is the only one I would actually go out there to hang out with. Freakin amazing.

    Jim's Weekly Wonders & WTF'sJim's Weekly Wonders & WTF's2 dager siden
  • 💞💞

    Nightgare TimeNightgare Time3 dager siden
  • i eat my pizza the same way-😭😭

    Gilian GarciaGilian Garcia4 dager siden
  • The way I'm obsessed with her and I would die for her🥺♥️🥰

    avamonroavamonro4 dager siden
  • Heyyyyy.

    Asmr with yarelyAsmr with yarely4 dager siden
  • I eat fries with mustard too lmao 🤣 or hot sauce.

    America BeeAmerica Bee4 dager siden
  • my subway order NOW is- wheat bread, pickles, and lettuce. sometimes onions.

    haydenhayden5 dager siden
  • She's so entertaining. I just found out about her from Merrell Twins video. New subscriber.❤️

    Yvonne RodriguezYvonne Rodriguez5 dager siden
  • I love the face she makes when she plays her drums or when she's really concentrated

    Fofo MosoeuFofo Mosoeu5 dager siden
  • She's funny without even trying

    shrek's dark bootyholeshrek's dark bootyhole5 dager siden
  • I am obsessed with your vlogs 😭❤️❤️

    Yashita MouliYashita Mouli6 dager siden
  • my comfort person

    Sarah EdwardsSarah Edwards6 dager siden
  • this was so motivational, thanks Emma :,)

    Alexia MeyerAlexia Meyer7 dager siden
  • 13:31 lmao im dying 😭😂😂

    RedOdd FoxRedOdd Fox10 dager siden
  • Emma low-key made a torta

    Lana Mae PinedaLana Mae Pineda11 dager siden
  • I wonder if Declan thinks: WTF is she doing? Why does she talk to this weird one-eyed thing in bed?! Humans are so stupid!! 😂 13:18

    LePikachuLePikachu11 dager siden
  • Props to Emma that she can put food away after one bite xD I'd be like NOM NOM NOM PIZZA!!! NOM NOM aaaand the whole pizza will be gone in seconds... This astonishes me every time I watch Emma doing fast food tastings. Then again, she's probably eating the left overs after the video.

    LePikachuLePikachu12 dager siden
  • Avocado has a lot of fat. It actually doesn't have a strong taste, but because of the amount of fat, it kinda reinforces the flavor of the salad and seasonings. That's why it's so good in salads and on bread :)

    LePikachuLePikachu12 dager siden
  • I like that Emma cooks in almost every vlog. I've learned some nice new dressings for salad and sauces from her :)

    LePikachuLePikachu12 dager siden
  • Be kind to yourself Emma :)

    Jahsia McCrayJahsia McCray13 dager siden
  • I'm literally wearing the matching sweater to those sweat pants rn

    Daisy WrightDaisy Wright13 dager siden
  • where is the mason jar from? 1:30

    fRESH HistoryfRESH History13 dager siden
  • shes just a spoiled rick kid

    Kylie RKylie R14 dager siden
  • “Tummy… who the fuck says tummy” Emma who the fuck says stummy 😭😭😭

    Just KelsssJust Kelsss14 dager siden
  • This is how I wanna be when I move out

    McKenna KloozMcKenna Klooz18 dager siden
  • I’ve eaten my pizza like that my whole life and subway sandwich is ham cheese and Mayo lol

    Sydney PoeppingSydney Poepping18 dager siden
  • my subway order was just cucumbers and bread and I would eat butter out of the tub

    Madi merritMadi merrit18 dager siden
  • Hey Emma you might not see this but I am starting a NOcds channel and I really love your intro do you mind if I do something like it? I will give you creds I wont add the same music in the background but just how it looks.

    Emily SullivanEmily Sullivan19 dager siden
  • I literally ONLY eat fries with mustard...

    Autumn AADTAutumn AADT19 dager siden
  • Ur so awesome

    Mahi PatelMahi Patel19 dager siden
  • pleaseeee emma do a house tour

    Daniela EsquivelDaniela Esquivel19 dager siden
  • Emma: 30 mins on my TUMMY... Tummy?? Who the fuck says TUMMY? Emma: 30 mins on my STUMMY... hahahahahah

    Natalia ZubiaurNatalia Zubiaur20 dager siden

    Emily rogersEmily rogers21 dag siden
  • declan’s little arm around her 😍🥺

    Cameron FrawleyCameron Frawley21 dag siden
  • i eat pizza w/o cheese

    elle melle m22 dager siden
  • Eric Church eats fries with mustard on ‘em and he’s an adult. Uh...you may not know Eric Church if you’re not a country music kinda girl. I just happen to know him because I’m from the South and we have to at least try country music to be a bonafide Southerner. I’m an old and sophisticated Southern Gentleman so I prefer “real” country music when the mood strikes me to take in some twang. Anyway, Eric writes his own stuff and writes some good ones. “Love Your Love the Most” being the one I particularly enjoy. He reveals his french fry condiment preference in that song. That confirms you’re not weird and should be proud of your mustard leanings. Hell, maybe you have a Southern gene or two in your family tree darlin’. That would explain it along with your other peculiar turned food preferences as a child. You could revert back to them ya know. It wouldn’t hurt you nary a bit. Found you from your dad’s channel btw. You’re a peach so just keep being you sweetie.

    Don WestDon West23 dager siden
  • pizza without cheese is the best. not weird. melted cow titty juice is weird.

    According to NicoleAccording to Nicole23 dager siden
  • I love you

    Jayda CassanovaJayda Cassanova24 dager siden
  • a lot of fun

    anikaanika25 dager siden
  • First, i wonder why she have a huge following and audience and now i started watching her vlogs and know i see why

    alliyahrose1D felipealliyahrose1D felipe25 dager siden
  • watched this hundred times during this quarantine

    alliyahrose1D felipealliyahrose1D felipe25 dager siden
  • I like how when Emma was rating the foods the rating picture was young Emma it had me cracking up that picture is so funny 😂

    M YM Y26 dager siden
  • I feel like im on ft with u love it🖤

    moon lightmoon light27 dager siden
    • Bc ive never known whats its like to have a genuine ft call LMAO

      moon lightmoon light27 dager siden
  • Emma is so entertaining even if its being in her house

    Emilia MilarskiEmilia Milarski28 dager siden
  • my order had the same base ingredients 😂 so embarassinf

    Ariel WaldmanAriel Waldman29 dager siden
  • emma should be on hells kitchen 😼

    g o o s eg o o s eMåned siden
  • "basically i just thought ,,, you know, eventually you'll figure it out"

    Ava GoldsbyAva GoldsbyMåned siden
  • Sooooo who is filming this

  • Me as a filipino: Eats milo with rice hahahahha

    HarjethHarjethMåned siden
  • Leave the animals alone. #govegan stop the murder, stop the torture, save the animals, save the planet. animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. get educated on the horrors you choose to silence: nocds.info/border/video/ntWrlZ-drpmnntM It's not JUST about the food you eat as a vegan, it's also about equality, saving the animals, and saving the planet.

    Loren LoneyLoren LoneyMåned siden
  • wait I eat fries with mustard and ketchup like is that weird like I would eat mustard and French fries what am I even alive

    Rei PixelRei PixelMåned siden
  • yo como papás con mostaza kwhekd

    amparo vegaamparo vegaMåned siden
  • I love Emma! She's so grounded and humble despite being a millionaire and doesn't get caught up in the "flex" culture like other NOcdsrs do

    Ashley PetraliaAshley PetraliaMåned siden
  • Honestly, I don't think any cook, chef, food prepped or any employee of anything, for that matter, is surprised by any order, Uber eats, door dash order or client, for that matter... At least not in LA. They probly don't even question it. "Ahh Californians... They eat the darndest things" alternatively, "it's probably for a YT video 🙄"

    Tianna ElizaldeTianna ElizaldeMåned siden
  • When mom called back and Emma said "oh don't worry. Dad answered and helped me instead" her poor maternal heart probly broke in 2. Nothing worse for a mother than slowly not being needed by ur children

    Tianna ElizaldeTianna ElizaldeMåned siden
  • lmao I eat mustard with my fries every time

    Ella DElla DMåned siden

    JanelleJanelleMåned siden
  • there was a kid in my psych ward who ate mustard with a spoon

    Maryanna Mae BottoMaryanna Mae BottoMåned siden
  • Why did Emma used to eat the same way I did/do I hate it here

    Kylie KonradKylie KonradMåned siden
  • Literally how I ate my pizza. I’d give the toppings to my dad. I sometimes still eat pizza this way but eat the toppings first and then have the crust and sauce. 💁🏻‍♀️

    Jessica HernandezJessica HernandezMåned siden
  • I love how the background music stops when she wants to say something important

    Elisa GiammatteiElisa GiammatteiMåned siden
  • 10:57 that is literally ALWAYS how i feel about subway. it always smells so good and just tastes absolutely gross even when u get a normal sandwich

    Alex IllingworthAlex IllingworthMåned siden
  • I bet u weight is less then that of a child your length ... Wut you mean you can cook ?

    LokiLokiMåned siden
  • Me watching this and not thinking the food orders are weird

    Hannah LeeHannah LeeMåned siden
  • the best part about Emma's vids are always the forehead kisses. it shouldn't make me feel this good... but it does.

    merisckzmerisckzMåned siden
  • Lmaoooo Emma so your one of those people 😂😂😂😂

    Quentavious WimberlyQuentavious WimberlyMåned siden
  • i would have only three things on my subway and that was chicken strips, lettuce and tomato sauce lol

    Jess LJess LMåned siden

    stephanie jistephanie jiMåned siden
  • I love mustard! I eat fries with mustard lmao

    Amy TAmy TMåned siden
  • her forehead kisses always make my day ☺️

    rainmuseumrainmuseumMåned siden
  • i used to have this one friend and her little sister came with us to subway and ordered a sandwich that had basically just american cheese and black olives then asked for it warmed. So it was basically just a grilled cheese with black olives 😶

    sophia rennigsophia rennigMåned siden

    Ashton DragzzAshton DragzzMåned siden
  • Have you seen Freelee’s videos on you? She thinks you can change the culture. I agree.

    Tanja BrauerTanja BrauerMåned siden

    Jessica xoJessica xoMåned siden
  • her videos feel like face time calls.

    Molly GillbruhMolly GillbruhMåned siden
  • When she said your name is not Emma I was like wait.. but it is?

    Emma CloudyxEmma CloudyxMåned siden
  • heyyyy yuv

    joshua livingstonjoshua livingstonMåned siden
  • I love the advice you give at the end of the vid, you really fk inspire me x

    Lot BoersmaLot BoersmaMåned siden
  • Tell me why I used to take the cheese off my pizza too 💀🙈

    Extra EmmaExtra EmmaMåned siden
    • ME TOO

  • but my name is Emma

    jazmin hernandezjazmin hernandezMåned siden
  • The sponsor of the video is pakistain?

    strayedplstrayedplMåned siden
  • "eventually she'll figure it out" lmao i'm glad you figured it out

    Kristen FieldKristen FieldMåned siden
  • is emma’s grass real

    MelindaMelindaMåned siden
  • Omg my little brother eats pizza without the cheese on it. I thought he was the only one who did that. He’s such a fuckin weirdo

    Josephine MontoyaJosephine MontoyaMåned siden
  • Declan is soooo cute in the ad section 🥺🥺

    LibbyLibbyMåned siden
  • i was watching this video and when i saw her subway order i freaked out! mine is the same but only american cheese and olives! its so good and i think everyone should try it

    Lauren MurphyLauren MurphyMåned siden
  • i still eat my pizza with no cheese lmao

    Michelle JurecMichelle JurecMåned siden
  • "they wont say emma cause your names not emma " me being named emma: oh

    emma jimenezemma jimenezMåned siden
  • You need to get five-blade scissors!! I use them to cut up the kale off the stem and it makes the kale pieces wonderfully small for a chop salad!

    Andrea TaylorAndrea TaylorMåned siden
  • emma: :0 declan!

    Chayse JenningsChayse JenningsMåned siden
  • Emma my food I used to eat is wayyyy weirder: White bread with Nutella and shredded cheese. The mix. Yup. And I’m now vegan😂😂

    Kayla OliveiraKayla OliveiraMåned siden
  • you rock bro

    brahmonybrahmonyMåned siden
  • Move to New York! Take me with you tho …

    Dani’s LifeDani’s LifeMåned siden
  • The uninterested kettle early wink because june pathophysiologically tip onto a screeching season. coordinated, marvelous teacher

    Lo JoLo JoMåned siden
  • Emma: who tf says tummy? Me: the entire world Emma 💀💀

  • my subway order is whack asf too. it’s literally ham white cheddar cheese black olives and cucumbers 😭. but it’s acc so good

    shayeeeshayeeeMåned siden
  • So shes not vegan anymore?

    Sophia DeMartinoSophia DeMartinoMåned siden
  • I used to like Emma but then she associated herself with tana which say a lot about a person,scammed her audience with her "merch"/clothing line and 25$ scrunchies,then her not showering then lieing saying she made it up for clout. Idk anymore:(

    Sophia DeMartinoSophia DeMartinoMåned siden
  • I ate it with no cheese too when I was little, why was I so weird 😭

    MurasameMurasameMåned siden