thank you louis vuitton for (virtually) inviting me to ANOTHER show. it is always an honor.


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  • hi emma my bf loves you and so do i

    salome buitragosalome buitrago12 timer siden
    • ok fine. be like that.

      salome buitragosalome buitrago12 timer siden
    • EMAM

      salome buitragosalome buitrago12 timer siden
    • Hey i know you can see this

      salome buitragosalome buitrago12 timer siden
    • Emma.

      salome buitragosalome buitrago12 timer siden
    • emma hello?

      salome buitragosalome buitrago12 timer siden
  • I love her sooo much🥲❣❤

    avamonroavamonro3 dager siden
  • Her mother is probably sooooo proud.

    Salt LampSalt Lamp8 dager siden
  • Omg I never saw a cool and fancy van like this. I love you and the video!!

    Salt LampSalt Lamp8 dager siden
  • Woooow this is so cool that we get to experience this with you together. The LV fun house wtf! So amzing. Sending love from germany. By the way, i'am watching Emmas videos for a week straight now.

    Seidenschnabel FederflügelSeidenschnabel Federflügel9 dager siden
  • Emma where did you get that sweater hoodie from the beginning of the video I need it!!! I love you girrlllll

    jewel rüshjewel rüsh10 dager siden
  • 11:20 I'm glad you wear perfume. I was scared

    Abigail {slut for Billie}Abigail {slut for Billie}11 dager siden
  • 10:35 Really? Would've thought you had more freedom shooting for brands

    Abigail {slut for Billie}Abigail {slut for Billie}11 dager siden
  • 10:10 She really didn't shower?

    Abigail {slut for Billie}Abigail {slut for Billie}11 dager siden
  • 9:26 Does she actually poop every morning? How's that possible?

    Abigail {slut for Billie}Abigail {slut for Billie}11 dager siden
  • that LV van tho. with her initials on it thoooooooooooooomg.

    RebeccaRebecca12 dager siden
  • Laura passed the vibe check

    Elizabeth GammonElizabeth Gammon18 dager siden
  • she loks soooo prettttyyyy

    tamiya faisaltamiya faisal20 dager siden
  • Omg I never thought Emma was short xD How tall is she? Edit: Google says she is 5"4

  • she looks so pretty here

    Sophie RogersSophie Rogers24 dager siden
  • Emma you are the reason that I stay up all night. ❌😴🥱

    Jamari Jamari 25 dager siden
  • B***

    Amir AshAmir Ash29 dager siden
  • I love you

    Jayda CassanovaJayda Cassanova29 dager siden
  • The coordinated support rapidly spare because bush chronologically long save a gullible gusty gym. standing, elated feet

    Cooking ParkerCooking ParkerMåned siden
  • 9:48 AHAHAH the little finger

    Megan :DMegan :DMåned siden

    dania & co.dania & co.Måned siden
  • I use to watch Emma quite a lot and I think I convinced myself that I like coffee too. Took a break from yt for a while and I wonder if imma go back to coffee again

    Amanbir SinghAmanbir SinghMåned siden
  • The magic school bus brought back memories of middle school science class

    Amanbir SinghAmanbir SinghMåned siden
  • Emma is too cool for me 😌✌🏼

    k_nk_nMåned siden
  • life saver asf

    Danielle BergoniaDanielle BergoniaMåned siden
  • Emma: HiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiI

    Nia ZhamerashviliNia ZhamerashviliMåned siden
  • okay, you re so freaking gorgeous, i can’t

    Deb ChaffinDeb ChaffinMåned siden
  • Niiice

    Martha WritesMartha WritesMåned siden
  • 6:35 i want that jacket

    Elly AndersonElly AndersonMåned siden
  • The ossified conga nouzilly whistle because badge muhly wink minus a yummy half-sister. unbiased, gainful kidney

    Reta JoliReta JoliMåned siden
  • If she kissed my forehead in real life I’d faint.

    Jackson WainwrightJackson WainwrightMåned siden
  • I just wanna hug her. She’s such a bright light

    Jackson WainwrightJackson WainwrightMåned siden
  • The inconclusive cherry histomorphometrically poke because lotion covalently flash inside a red zoology. bored, cute calendar

    Lo JoLo JoMåned siden
  • the plate is fornasetti boo and isnt meant to serve food but framed or hung on the wall..its art

    Roop BoseRoop BoseMåned siden
  • The shut lyocell provisionally damage because atm generally grab near a trashy competitor. tense, gleaming caravan

    Reta JoliReta Joli2 måneder siden
  • I love that grey sweater I need that

    Danika RDanika R2 måneder siden
  • I've only started watching emma's vlog THIS WEEK and I love her already

    rosabel sodelarosabel sodela2 måneder siden
  • everytime i watch emma s video i wanna drink ice latte...

    quqyqqqquqyqqq2 måneder siden
  • watching a Emma chamberlain video than getting a Emma chamberlain pacsun add is such a power move

    joliebuildsjoliebuilds2 måneder siden
  • When will you be on hot ones

    Luke LondLuke Lond2 måneder siden
  • timothee chalamet in a females body

    Khadija ImranKhadija Imran2 måneder siden
  • Lmaoo 🤣I’m wearing earphones and at 1:10 I fkn thought my work called me on the speaker, I tripped.. Tysm

    Sandi GuerreroSandi Guerrero2 måneder siden
  • Was it the pacsun shoot bc I just saw the ad and the makeup is similar also love yur videos

    MarsMars2 måneder siden
  • I love how her cats are literally chilling on the sink 😂😂😂

    ThelhamadThelhamad2 måneder siden
  • she looked so cute in the intro 💕🤩

    lulu mlulu m2 måneder siden
  • Wait Emma you are a fucking model sssssyoooo

    Lucija MestrovicLucija Mestrovic2 måneder siden
  • I like a little coffee/espresso with my milk.

    Savannah MSavannah M2 måneder siden
  • lover of you

    Juan SanchezJuan Sanchez2 måneder siden
  • I knew I should have skipped during the bedtime morning segment I’m eating

    JANAJANA2 måneder siden
  • the thing i love bout this girl is because her videos areee so long and its not like other youtuber there video is only like 10 or 5 minute sand emmas are like 20 mintuesor 17 likeeeeeee i love that keep makjng long vidoes girlfrind

    Rebecca MunozRebecca Munoz2 måneder siden
  • did you put in lashes??

    stunzeedstunzeed2 måneder siden
  • emma you look so pretty

    stunzeedstunzeed2 måneder siden

    Sofia BizonSofia Bizon2 måneder siden
  • i’ve just started watching emma’s videos and listening to the ag podcast lately, and it has been super therapeutic. emma ily, thank u for the forehead kiss 🤧

    adelineadeline2 måneder siden
  • linda tr amo

    yasmin coronayasmin corona2 måneder siden
  • I need to know if she has found tiny bowls yet!!! 😂🤣😅

    Zoey SmallZoey Small2 måneder siden
  • i dont' know y but she reminds me of marzia HAHA

    Aliah ShahabuddinAliah Shahabuddin2 måneder siden
  • my mom

    averie watersaverie waters2 måneder siden
  • Love you Emma! And even though I’m not nearly at all this successful, she inspires me to get up early and do things!

    Whitney RiesenWhitney Riesen2 måneder siden
  • What the heck!!!!!!!!!😱😱🌙

    Dintle SebediDintle Sebedi3 måneder siden
  • When her mom said please wear these please wear the *giggle* I was like *cringe*

    Naya VlogsNaya Vlogs3 måneder siden
  • Her teeth are perfect

    Kaylee WilliamsKaylee Williams3 måneder siden
  • Her intro put such a huge smile on my face I hope I meet this queen one day 🥺

    Freddy OrtizFreddy Ortiz3 måneder siden
  • The fact that her mum literally said " yeah it's pretty cool" WTF WDYM PRETTY COOL

    ellaella3 måneder siden
  • me: i need to control my coffee consumption emma: fucking good coffe images

    Ayşe Sude UğurluAyşe Sude Uğurlu3 måneder siden
  • she is so real

    Selma PröbstlSelma Pröbstl3 måneder siden
  • Lol Emma is so down to earth that she makes Louis Vuitton feel affordable 😂

    Nicole FayNicole Fay3 måneder siden
  • She looked like eleven when she had her outfit on

    Isabella TompsettIsabella Tompsett3 måneder siden
  • Hi. Word. I know Magic School Bus. coincidence seen, I saw a mini droplet on my smart phone screen dried exactly when you said there's something on the screen, I though the same, "there's something on the screen, looks harden". I put my thumbnail on the screen and saw your hand rub. I feel like if it wasn't mentioned it wouldn't be sacred.

    Wm TrumblyWm Trumbly3 måneder siden
  • She looks like Elizabeth olsen

    tatishmurdatatishmurda3 måneder siden
  • i got a emma chamberlain ad while watching a emma video.

    ariel phanariel phan3 måneder siden
  • I freaking love your videos 💕

    SophieSophie3 måneder siden
  • The cat behind her, when she is drinking coffee, is really cute

    Jiyaa NegiJiyaa Negi3 måneder siden
  • how was this a month ago?! i watched this the day this came out... it feels like only a week ago. what the fuck!!

    wilbur stan incorporatedwilbur stan incorporated3 måneder siden
  • I love you

    Nance NiestenNance Niesten3 måneder siden
  • I like your nose 💍rings... So beautiful Emma..... Awesome blog....

    Suman RajSuman Raj3 måneder siden
  • it look so pretty bae

    Tayzlee FisherTayzlee Fisher3 måneder siden
  • im commenting on every video youve made

    im a gangsterim a gangster3 måneder siden
  • Giiiiirl you look so good in that magic school bus space sweater....I cant

    Mina ParkMina Park3 måneder siden
  • What if people can actually see you through the camera 😂

    yasmine hyasmine h3 måneder siden
  • Can’t believe she forgot our forehead kiss

    Marlen DelarosaMarlen Delarosa3 måneder siden
  • cutie

    Safiyah ALHARBISafiyah ALHARBI3 måneder siden

    t-hott-hot3 måneder siden
  • loved that period cramp

    Paula VillalonPaula Villalon3 måneder siden
  • She's really pretty!! :)

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez3 måneder siden
  • Yo I woke up at 5 just to watch harry styles perform at the Grammy's LMAO. OH and I also had my last final exam the very same day.. fun day💀💀💀

    mamta Saranmamta Saran3 måneder siden
    • @persephone 0_0 eh ofc we cheated it was online💀💀 not proud tho lol

      mamta Saranmamta Saran3 måneder siden
    • Damnnnn 💀💀 Hope it went well

      persephone 0_0persephone 0_03 måneder siden
  • Emma’s my comfort person

    Nata NietoNata Nieto3 måneder siden
  • I got a pacsun add of Emma before her video

    CreativeMindzCreativeMindz3 måneder siden
  • Pls i love you😭

    Marquita PisaniMarquita Pisani3 måneder siden
  • feels like this is a MY Wifey Edition

    Douglas VolinskyDouglas Volinsky3 måneder siden
  • Pls she looked so pretty at the shoot

    Isabella MatosIsabella Matos3 måneder siden
  • Okay good night I'm so sleepy rn

    Boom BangBoom Bang3 måneder siden
  • to the people thats always been Leaning in for the forehead kiss since day one😌🖤

    Eden ClareEden Clare3 måneder siden
  • Wow so that's what it's like to be rich

    에리카에리카3 måneder siden
  • shes a vibe shes a mood and shes her self I FUCKIN THRIV TO BE U

    Jackie DeFrancoJackie DeFranco3 måneder siden
  • She’s just living the life ugh

    JustMeJustMe3 måneder siden
  • I know exactly what your talking about i love the magic school bus pants

    Olivia MckeeOlivia Mckee3 måneder siden
  • Is it me or she looks DIFFERENT in MAKEUP

    Arianna TrianaArianna Triana3 måneder siden
  • Why in the world does she likes coffee

    LUCY☆FATTIELUCY☆FATTIE3 måneder siden
  • Woww..you kinda hot

    Semi MoceciriSemi Moceciri3 måneder siden