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im turning into an LA girl. and i'm sorry.


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  • " Can that guy not watch me like what you've never seen a youtuber before?" 😬😂😂

    Fanny AmFanny Am10 timer siden
  • I never get bored of you because I honestly find you and your life interesting

    Joyce SpencerJoyce Spencer22 timer siden
  • I love u emma

    VanGoschVanGosch2 dager siden
  • Choco strawbs-add coconut oil, it needs a fat

    Abby MelloAbby Mello2 dager siden
  • Algum brasileiro aqui? 🇧🇷 tentando aprender inglês

    Ana BeatrizAna Beatriz2 dager siden
  • The booger conversation ws amazing thanks emma

    Aaliyah MitchellAaliyah Mitchell2 dager siden
  • Am glad that your videos make me feel thank you for posting such peaceful content 😂..I love you too Emma ❤️

    Santoshi GoudSantoshi Goud2 dager siden
  • I don’t think I could ever get tired of Emma’s videos. I don’t want to call it an addiction, so I call it a hobby.

    Jim's Weekly Wonders & WTF'sJim's Weekly Wonders & WTF's2 dager siden
  • shes literally saving me, and she doesnt even know

    MafesantosMafesantos2 dager siden

    katkat3 dager siden

    katkat3 dager siden
  • Emma: the LA roads are so bad Balkan people, knowing every road is absolute crap here: *heh*

    erquolierquoli3 dager siden
  • Ironman Chamberlain

    Jenna WJenna W3 dager siden
  • This is what I wanna do when I’m 18

    SerenityaraSerenityara3 dager siden
  • Most ytbers: acts like their reading a script when talking about a sponsor* Emma: *tells the truth*

    SerenityaraSerenityara3 dager siden
    • no seriously every single youtuber i ever watch i skip sponsors but durning emma’s video i catch myself watching the sponsors part and still being entertained

      ashleyashley10 timer siden
  • I luv how Emma makes longer videos with ACUTAL CONTENT

    SerenityaraSerenityara3 dager siden
  • Because we love you

    Hannah B.Hannah B.3 dager siden
  • Heyyyy.

    Asmr with yarelyAsmr with yarely4 dager siden
  • @laurengiraldo was the creator 12, 3, 30!!!

    Mercedes EvangelistaMercedes Evangelista5 dager siden
  • She’s a female RICK😵‍💫😂😂

    Pooja BudhaalePooja Budhaale7 dager siden
  • The reason I can never get tired of Emma is because she always has so many things to say lol. Like so many thoughts are running through her head and they are always super funny & interesting

    JJ DubsJJ Dubs7 dager siden
  • LA changed Emma! Or did she change LA? That's the question.. 🤔😂

    LePikachuLePikachu7 dager siden
  • Emma looks like Iron Man with the mask on! 😂

    LePikachuLePikachu7 dager siden
  • The booger soliloquy was a thing of beauty

    Liltrix 0Liltrix 08 dager siden
  • no one: emma: having a whole conversation about eating boogers

    The best of BrinleyThe best of Brinley8 dager siden
  • Do you think honey would work on the dark web?

    Casandra DaviesCasandra Davies8 dager siden
  • does anyone know where her sweater is from in the first part of the video?

    Aarushi SahuAarushi Sahu8 dager siden
  • ewww buggars...gross

    Kathryn !Kathryn !9 dager siden
  • I am new but I love your energy

    Jenna WalchleJenna Walchle9 dager siden
  • ufweoifweiof emma melting the chocolate on the stove works the best ;-;

    Ellwyn MilneEllwyn Milne9 dager siden
  • I eat boogers

    Jon SnowJon Snow9 dager siden
  • “Like what… you’ve never seen a NOcdsr before….?” I love it 🤣

    Mariela AnaMariela Ana9 dager siden
  • when she drives past the golf store

    elise gelise g10 dager siden
  • can we just appreciate how long emma's video are? it just feels so much more real when vlogs are longer and more detailed. i appreciate that when she vlogs she puts everything into it. even if she has to go to the bathroom, our girl gonna say it! so thank you, emma for keeping me entertained for more than ten minutes :D

    Lyric HutchinsLyric Hutchins10 dager siden
  • does anyone know where the heart chain on her phone is from?

    Nilani MathurNilani Mathur10 dager siden
    • **if you have any ideas you want me to talk about feel free to chat me immediately for more enlightenment ~~ 🇼 :🇭 :@🇹 :🇸 :🇦 :🇵 :🇵 •••🇲 🇪 • 💬•••+1️⃣2⃣1⃣3⃣6️⃣0️⃣8️⃣9️⃣5️⃣5️⃣4️⃣::

      Ashley SaysSoAshley SaysSo10 dager siden
  • i literally go to that flea market😭

    sofia garciasofia garcia10 dager siden
    • **if you have any ideas you want me to talk about feel free to chat me immediately for more enlightenment ~~ 🇼 :🇭 :@🇹 :🇸 :🇦 :🇵 :🇵 •••🇲 🇪 • 💬•••+1️⃣2⃣1⃣3⃣6️⃣0️⃣8️⃣9️⃣5️⃣5️⃣4️⃣::

      Ashley SaysSoAshley SaysSo10 dager siden
  • At first I thought u said la like in Spanish

    Kimmy DiazKimmy Diaz10 dager siden
  • melt chocolate in bain marie or whatever you call it in english

    AmélieAmélie10 dager siden
  • I've been a sub for years now , and i still love your videos , you're amazing and im so glad to see your doing so well in your career !

    ZealieZealie10 dager siden
    • **if you have any ideas you want me to talk about feel free to chat me immediately for more enlightenment ~~ 🇼 :🇭 :@🇹 :🇸 :🇦 :🇵 :🇵 •••🇲 🇪 • 💬•••+1️⃣2⃣1⃣3⃣6️⃣0️⃣8️⃣9️⃣5️⃣5️⃣4️⃣::

      Ashley SaysSoAshley SaysSo10 dager siden

    imane sassiimane sassi11 dager siden
  • if you don't want that consistency of chocolate, next time you can put the chocolate into a glass boil onto of a pan with boiling water and that way it melts properly.

    ElfElf11 dager siden
    • **if you have any ideas you want me to talk about feel free to chat me immediately for more enlightenment ~~ 🇼 :🇭 :@🇹 :🇸 :🇦 :🇵 :🇵 •••🇲 🇪 • 💬•••+1️⃣2⃣1⃣3⃣6️⃣0️⃣8️⃣9️⃣5️⃣5️⃣4️⃣::

      Ashley SaysSoAshley SaysSo10 dager siden
  • where is that sweather from?

    bērkā o_obērkā o_o11 dager siden
  • Emma make lasagna with the squash me and my mom do it all the time and it’s sooooo good

    OrangeTangerineOrangeTangerine12 dager siden
  • what background songs do you use

    Maddie MurrayMaddie Murray12 dager siden
  • For chocolate strawberries melt the chocolate chips with half a teaspoon of coconut oil to prevent from burning and make it not so thick so you can actually coat the strawberries. Love you emmmma 🐱🤌🏼

    Lazy DayLazy Day12 dager siden
  • Wheres the other cat?

    Kelly FletcherKelly Fletcher14 dager siden
  • 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    Jesse WangJesse Wang15 dager siden
  • no one literally no one emma: …….oh…no..* salts food aggressively*

    Nina Caylin DuffNina Caylin Duff15 dager siden
  • She's my favorite L.A. NOcdsr girl now

    alliyahrose1D felipealliyahrose1D felipe15 dager siden
  • 16:33 that's so funny, I know you do a lot of the same people things but we like to watch your videos ❤️ always keep your headphones charged

    Laura StarbrooksLaura Starbrooks15 dager siden
  • I love your videos they make me happy and they really funny!!

    Lucy MadsenLucy Madsen16 dager siden
    • **if you have any ideas you want me to talk about feel free to chat me immediately for more enlightenment ~~ 🇼 :🇭 :@🇹 :🇸 :🇦 :🇵 :🇵 •••🇲 🇪 • 💬•••+1️⃣2⃣1⃣3⃣6️⃣0️⃣8️⃣9️⃣5️⃣5️⃣4️⃣::

      Ashley SaysSoAshley SaysSo10 dager siden
  • Where is her sweater from??

    HannahSofiaHannahSofia16 dager siden
  • Next time put some kind of oil like coconut oil or butter and it will make your chocolate a good consistency

    Patience SmithPatience Smith16 dager siden
  • Heelllooooo? before you answer the phone xD lmfao

    PrezzzXOPrezzzXO16 dager siden
  • Just do whatever you want and don’t worry about what other people think

    Xenia StarrXenia Starr16 dager siden
  • emma why are you still questioning for smelling like salt look how much you eat it

    Katja VuzemKatja Vuzem17 dager siden
  • I love it when youre in the kitchen, something about you cooking /making your food is so satisfying and fun to watch!!💖

    Hana AktharHana Akthar17 dager siden
  • That little tune with a beat that you play for less than 5 seconds (not intro/ outro), pls what's the name of it??

    DidiDidi17 dager siden
  • Because I like you when you talk

    WalAa AlaliWalAa Alali18 dager siden
  • 9:47 RIP people with headphones

    Helen LiHelen Li18 dager siden
  • Emma- “this is spaghetti squash (BURP)… the thing about spaghetti squash is…” 😂 😂

    Isa TellesIsa Telles18 dager siden
  • emma really talked about eating boogers for a whole minute

    Dr. strangeDr. strange18 dager siden
  • Kidney stones from all that salt

    David QuesadaDavid Quesada18 dager siden
  • Did Emma really not finish her thought about being a minimalist 😭 I wanted to know!

    Dina JalelDina Jalel20 dager siden
  • How is this not a tv show? Like I could watch her all day, and im 27. Damn.

    MimiMimi20 dager siden
    • **if you have any ideas you want me to talk about feel free to chat me immediately for more enlightenment ~~ 🇼 :🇭 :@🇹 :🇸 :🇦 :🇵 :🇵 •••🇲 🇪 • 💬•••+1️⃣2⃣1⃣3⃣6️⃣0️⃣8️⃣9️⃣5️⃣5️⃣4️⃣::

      Ashley SaysSoAshley SaysSo10 dager siden
  • 👋emma come to hawaii🤙🌺🍍

    Sanne ASanne A20 dager siden
  • Omg Emma you make my Sundays ✨❤️✨❤️✨

    Ashley PinkAshley Pink20 dager siden
  • emma you being yourself is my entertainment, like YOUR'RE NEVER BORING

    mkelzmkelz20 dager siden
  • Also I get so bored of cloths all the time because that’s all I get on Christmas or my Birthday so my outfit is the same every day and I have no regrets from it one bit because it’s me and that’s who I am and I can say without bragging that I love the way I dress and it will probly never change and whoever does’nt exept that fuck them honestly

    Carly SzalayCarly Szalay22 dager siden
  • idk why but i keep coming to this video, like this is my new comfort zone 🔝🔝🔝

    Alejandra EscalanteAlejandra Escalante22 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️

    Jayda CassanovaJayda Cassanova22 dager siden
  • Your not basic :^

    May Its mehMay Its meh22 dager siden
  • 24:06 oh shit golf store

    n¡kosn¡kos23 dager siden
  • Nobody: 🦗 *Emma talking about eating boogers for 5 minutes* 😭😂

    Analise LynnAnalise Lynn23 dager siden
  • if i got sick if your vids it would mean im sick of my daily routine and i wont except that 😌

    nneomanneoma23 dager siden
  • anybody know what the trainers are called

    Caelan FergusonCaelan Ferguson23 dager siden
  • Get a hobby omg. So boring

    Julian MontezJulian Montez24 dager siden
  • I love uuuuuu smmm🦋🦋🦋

    shiin Dragunshiin Dragun24 dager siden
  • Your so beautiful

    Viktorie SedlářováViktorie Sedlářová24 dager siden
  • Omg love your channel💜

    Amy🖤Amy🖤25 dager siden
  • Hi I'm the first person you have 'met' who hates honey it has NEVER found any coupons for me 😭😭😭

    TJ SPARKLETJ SPARKLE25 dager siden
  • Idk why but I’m obsessed with Emma rn and I can’t stop watching her videos, like she’s motivating me to read and wake up early and that’s something I’ve never done 🙀

    Deisy CaballeroDeisy Caballero25 dager siden
  • We have the same coffee machine :) 👌🏻

    MilanMilan25 dager siden
  • Jesus cares for you all so Much ❤️

    wrldofdeeewrldofdeee26 dager siden
  • Hi

    cold coffee icecreamcold coffee icecream26 dager siden
  • when you pour cold milk into melted chocolate it causes to chocolate to seize up and harden because the milk cools it. you either add room temperature milk or heat the chocolate up with the milk added. fun fact! love your videos!!

    Nicole FordNicole Ford27 dager siden
  • When she started talking about the boogers being efficient and an afternoon snack I fucking lost it LMAO

    Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez27 dager siden
    • 1:7 1625936830

      MrBeast ! OPEN MY VIDEO !MrBeast ! OPEN MY VIDEO !21 dag siden
  • Vvh

    Short VideoShort Video27 dager siden
  • From fashion to boogers

    Roy BenedictRoy Benedict27 dager siden
  • Love ur vids btw the squash my mom makes a lot and you have to put butter in the center and cook it like that facing up not down and LOTS of salt lol 🥰

    Lavender RoseLavender Rose27 dager siden
  • uhhh sis ur supposed to wash fruit and stuff before u eat them

    Sara HeshamSara Hesham27 dager siden
  • Emma keeps calling herself ugly and shit-looking while i am literally obsessed with every single thing about her

    kiriakos papakostaskiriakos papakostas28 dager siden
  • My morning routine Wake up.

    jane freemanjane freeman28 dager siden
  • you have the moat boring life of any rich and famous person in existence

    H BH B29 dager siden
  • I really like how many times you said good morning

    JJ29 dager siden

    Soumini BoseSoumini BoseMåned siden
  • For the squash you should have done salt and pepper and butter

    Ashley RuizAshley RuizMåned siden
  • Girl there is no way I could ever get bored of you. Every time you post a video you may lay in bed a lot but your not fake and acting perfect and happy for the camera. You make us feel like all we need to do is be who we are and every video you make is just so honest and it makes me feel like I’m just having a casual conversation and it makes me so happy.

    Lily MoranLily MoranMåned siden
  • I’m out of videos to watch

    Suzy SparkmanSuzy SparkmanMåned siden
  • 9:26 you're so dramaqueen i love it

    vaLvaLMåned siden